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We are aviators dedicated to providing aviation apps that are simple to use, making flying more safe, fun and affordable.

Our team produces Avare, an Electronic Flight Bag for Android devices.

Avare provides GPS active location on all FAA charts, Airport Diagrams and Approach Plates; along with CS (AF/D), weather & TFRs, Flight Plans and much more.

Sectional on Phone Terminal on Phone Flyway on Phone IFR low Phone Plate on Phone
  • Internet is only required for installing or updating the free app and free FAA resources
  • Ground planning and in-flight operations work offline, even in “Airplane Mode” for maximum battery life
  • GPS (internal or external to the Android device) is required for location services


  • To see videos about Avare, please visit our YouTube Channel
  • Visit the Google Play Store to read reviews and install the software
  • Visit our Forum to see the latest news, feature requests, and discussion

Introductory video

Additional videos are available on our YouTube Channel.

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We are an all-volunteer group! To save time and better serve all our users, we want to communicate with you via our Forum. Your questions and requests, or tricks and tips are helpful for everyone using our apps. If you feel this site should be updated, please submit an edit!


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