Below is an incomplete list of external GPS & ADSB devices known to be compatible with Avare. Note that this list may be out of date, and vendors may change their hardware design making it incompatible. Many other devices beyond those listed below that are designed using industry standards might work perfectly with Avare but have not yet been reported or tested. Please contact us if you’d like us to add to the list a device you know is compatible. OEMs are also invited to contact us about adding their devices.

External GPS/ADSB known to Compatible with Avare

  • Stratux open source receiver (Port 4000)
  • Stratus (Recent) receivers may work
  • Dual XGPS-170 & XGPS-150
  • iLevil SW
  • Lynx NGT-9000
  • Freeflight Systems FDL-978-XVR (Panel installed)
  • Freeflight Systems Explorer-
  • Skyradar DX