• Apps4Av Inc. is a registered, non profit organization in the state of MA.
  • Avare is an open source project on GitHub.
  • Please donate to keep the project improving. Any amount will be appreciated.

All donations to Apps4Av Inc. are tax deductable under 501(c)(3) code of IRS.

One Time Donation

Periodic Donations

Thank you!

Why donate?

While the Avare app and our other Apps4Av efforts are all provided free and without ads by our all-volunteer group, we do have expenses. To help with that, some users of our apps have stepped up to help by donating to the U.S. non-profit corporation we established. For more information, please consult the FAQ below.

We appreciate your interest and support.

  • How can I make a donation? If you’re ready to donate, please use one of the two Paypal secure Donate buttons built right into the Avare app (or above!) Just ensure that your Avare device is online, launch Avare, tap the Map tab, then the Menu button, then the Help button. The two donate buttons are at the bottom of that screen. All major credit cards are accepted.

  • How are the two secure Donate buttons built into the Avare app different? If you select a simple One Time Donation you can optionally donate again for any amount at any time. If you choose an ongoing Periodic Donation (Subscription), it saves you the small effort of repeating the One Time Donation process, helps us to plan our budget expenditures based on income, and still allows you to easily cancel or change the Subscription at any time.

  • How is my donation used? Your donation is applied toward Avare’s continued improvement, and toward expenses. None of the Apps For Aviators volunteers receives any financial compensation from donations, and some of us have even donated both our time and money.

  • What are the main expenses my donation helps with? As of December 2020, donations are now mostly used to pay for server space, bandwidth, and occasional hardware for testing.  We’ve found that server fees have increased over time despite reductions in ISP service provision costs. In recent years there are fewer competitors in that market, and they understandably focus on profit.

  • Why does a Software-only application need money for improvement? FAA charts, databases, and plates must be pre-processed from large files into Avare’s much smaller files that can be easily downloaded and displayed on any Android device. In addition to covering our expenses your donation will help buy ADS-B receivers and other new equipment to enable expanding Avare compatibility with a variety of add-on devices. Where possible we welcome temporary loans of equipment, so that we can add them to the list supported by Avare and credit the company on our Partners list.

  • Are there any hidden costs to the application? No. The application is totally free. However, we may eventually be forced to pass along any fees the FAA might decide to start charging everyone for FAA charts and other materials that are currently paid for by fuel taxes and other FAA revenue.

  • Why does Apps4Av provide the application free? Apps For Aviators is run by volunteers who like to fly and to write software code. We have chosen to donate it as Free Open Source Software (FOSS). The coding allows us to improve our programming skills, while making friends in the aviation and software communities. We like to hear your stories and ideas, and to see your aircraft. By providing the application for free, we are joined by more volunteers, meet more people, learn more, and reduce everyone’s cost of flying safely. Publicly publishing our code also helps to protect all of us from hidden functions, spyware, or bugs that have been included in some proprietary apps.

  • What happens if I do not donate? The application, charts and other materials will probably continue to be provided free because other people will continue donating their time and money. Many pilots have been willing to share with all of us some of the money Avare saves them, and some pilots have even donated much larger amounts to help us and the entire aviation community.

  • What happens if no one makes a donation? We have been very pleased by all the support and encouragement of the aviation and software communities. If all donations were to stop, the Apps4Av team would probably continue donating our own time and funds to keep the project going for at least a little while and might eventually find other exciting things to do. New features would no longer be added, and at some point Avare might then no longer be compatible with the latest devices.

Thanks for your interest in Avare and our all-volunteer team.