About the products

We believe aviators need apps that are easy to use, affordable, and work on a wide variety of affordable Android devices. All our apps are free, designed to run on nearly all Android devices, focus on simplicity, contain no push ads, and require only non-invasive Permissions required for functioning.

About the development team

Our team was founded in September of 2012 by engineer, Android developer, and pilot, Zubair Khan. He credits pilot friends John, Peter, Ron, and Tiberius as co-founders. Our focus is on contributing to the aviation & coding communities and having fun, so we’ve developed and continued to evolve a Philosophy and Guidelines.

Over the years, major contributors on our team have included:

  • Zubair Khan (Founder, Dev Team, Support)
  • Peter Gustafson (Dev Team, Lead for charts)
  • Ron Walker (Dev Team, Lead for Instruments)
  • Tiberius (aka “TV”) (Online Support, Lead for Flight Sims)
  • Jeffrey Ross (Online Support)
  • John Wiley **(Online Support, Publicity)**
  • Mike Rieker (Dev Team)
  • Rob Aldred (World Charts and Plates)
  • Frank Santoro (FAA correspondence)
  • Francois Dinel (French translation)
  • Robert Bratsch (Dev Team)
  • Minh Nguyen **(Dev Team)**
  • Faisal Bashir **(Dev Team)**
  • Guy Veasey **(Dev Team)**
  • Michael Hammer (Dev Team, Lead for ADS-B) HIZ
  • Brad Walker  (Dev Team)
  • Enrique Troconis (kitepilot.org) generously provided hosting server space.
  • Countless others who contribute time, expertise, suggestions & feature requests.
  • Financial Donors who cover expenses for supplies, etc.
  • Board Members who monitor everything & maintain our non-profit status.

About Avare’s History

In 2014 the code had been developed to enable free geo-referenced FAA Plates for IFR situational awareness. The initial work of manually tagging and verifying coordinate points on the Plates was then taken on by a large group of volunteers. For ongoing semi-automated maintenance and updating of the Plates, volunteers include: Clyde C, Ingo N, Joe L, Kendell B, Peter G, Ron W, Stuart D, Tal R, TV, Frank S, Domenic P, and Zubair K.

So far all contributors are aviators, and working as volunteers donating their efforts to the Aviation and Android communities.

About joining us

We invite you to join the aviators and others supporting our free apps with their time, expertise and financial contributions. To offer your help with coding, publicity, or anything else please subscribe to our Forum and join the conversation.

Please contact us on our Forum if you’d like to volunteer your services. We enjoy the fun and fascination of developing and extending the apps, and there’s a special delight in sharing them freely with other aviators. The complete Avare source code is available on Github at this URL: http://github.com/apps4av/avare

About Feedback & Requests

We warmly welcome any and all feedback, requests, suggestions or questions on our Forum about any of our products. Aviator and programmer questions and feedback there help all our users and our all-volunteer development team. Such feedback has helped us to continue rapidly improving Avare and all our apps. Though we carefully test our code, it’s possible that bugs may occasionally surface, and your feedback is crucial in our quick corrective action. *Please Note that any negative feedback you may share in an app store Review might discourage other pilots from trying our products, so given that our apps are free and improving very rapidly we hope you’ll join us in posting positive Google Play Store reviews encouraging pilots to try them out.

About making a financial donation towards our expenses

To learn more about contributing funds and how we use them, visit our About Donations page. To save time and simply donate now, please use the Paypal secure Donate buttons built right into the Avare app or at this site. Just ensure that your Avare device is online, launch Avare, tap the Map tab, then the Menu button, then the Help button.The two donate buttons are at the bottom of that screen.

While we are an all-volunteer group, in order to provide the protections and benefits of non-profit status for our users the Avare team formed Apps4Av, Inc. as a registered non-profit organization in the U.S. state of Massachusetts. For your convenient and secure financial contributions, we use the PayPal service, which accepts major credit cards. Avare is an open source project on GitHub. Please donate to keep the project improving. Any amount will be appreciated.

All donations to Apps4Av Inc. are tax deductible under 501(c)(3) code of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Note that you can select a single donation One Time Donation you can optionally do again for any amount at any time.  If you choose an ongoing Periodic Donation (Subscription), it saves you the small effort of repeating the One Time Donation process, helps us to plan our budget expenditures based on income, and still allows you to easily cancel or change the Subscription at any time.

We appreciate you taking the time to consider donating funds to help with our costs.

Thank you!

About Donating or temporarily Loaning Hardware

As part of our mission to provide affordable resources for aviators, we’re actively developing ADS-B solutions for Avare. You can help by loaning or donating your company or personal ADS-B receiver so that we can add it to the list of devices supported by Avare.