Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


This web page is intended to address some of the most common questions you may have about Avare. For topics not covered here, please read the Help page built into Avare (tap the Map tab, then the Menu button, then the Help button. That in-app Help is the most current, though to keep Avare small and quick it is brief. If you don’t find answers there, please search our Forum. New features are usually announced on the Avare Play Store page but, we want to help so please do NOT post questions or report issues there - use our Forum because we do not monitor Google Play. Some infrequently updated introductory basics and tips may also be found on our Avare YouTube Channel.


If you’re having any sort of trouble with Avare, please read this first. We have designed Avare to run fast and reliably on nearly all Android devices, and all minor bugs have been quickly found and fixed. So if you’re having a problem, it can almost always be solved by doing two things:

  1. Ensure that Avare is the only app running._ We follow Android guidelines, so app conflicts are rare but some apps may still cause problems. Restart your device and make sure only the core apps are running (unlike Avare some downloaded apps install themselves to launch on every restart, so they must be manually stopped to test whether that solves your problem).
  2. Ensure that your device doesn’t have corrupted memory. Many users have reported odd or intermittent problems with Avare, only to eventually discover that the cause is a failing memory chip (possibly even the chip built into their device). Avare uses memory frugally but due to displaying maps and other features still uses more than most apps, making hardware memory problems more likely to manifest.

Whether or not you resolve a problem, you can help all users by posting to our Forum. Please include a detailed description of the problem; results from anything you’ve tried; the make, model, serial number of your device; and the versions of Avare and Android.

Frequently Asked Questions

I downloaded and Installed Avare, why do I get a blank / black screen? In order to get a location on the chart displayed you must: a-Have Avare installed b-Download the Databases file c-Download at least 1 chart (Sectional, etc.) in your local area d-Have a good GPS location acquired with Avare in Navigate mode **Note that you can view charts without GPS in Simulation mode (tap the Map tab, the Menu button, and toggle the Navigate/Simulation button). Be sure to then ensure you have selected the chart type of a local chart you have downloaded (Sectional, etc.) using Map->Menu->Sectional (or whatever the currently selected chart type name is shown on the bottom-right button). Then just tap the Find tab and type in the 3-letter code (e.g. LAX) for an airport on that chart and tap the Center button.

I Downloaded Databases and a chart for the area. Why do I get a “The required data file is missing and must be downloaded” or “Download Charts for this area” red message?

Most likely your device isn’t getting a good GPS signal. Look in the upper right for that warning, or check the Tools tab in Avare. It can also be a mismatch of the Databases and the Charts version, try downloading them again. **Note that if you zoom all the way out you’ll probably see most of the U.S. even without any charts downloaded, because the Databases file contains a low resolution U.S. map that’s displayed at wide zoom.

Is there a way to display the Chart or location without a good GPS signal?

Yes, but must have the Databases and a local chart downloaded and selected: a-Avare in Simulation mode. Tap the Map tab, then the Menu button, then the Navigate (or Simulation) button. This button toggles between the Navigate and Simulation modes, so the button label changes accordingly. b-Create a Flight Plan. Tap “Plan”, from the bottom tabs, and in the upper left window that will show up, enter the names of one of your local airports in the form of kxxx kyyy and tap Plan to the right of the window, answer “OK” to “..Clear current”.. At this point you have the option Save your plan for later use, tap in the window above “Save” and enter a name tap “Save” (you should see your plan name in the left side window) or just tap “Inactive” which will toggle to “Active”. Tap “BackArrow” or “Map” under “Save-Active” and if you’ve done everything right you should see the aircraft symbol and a course line to your Destination, and the red “Simulation” warning in the upper right. c-If you have the Avare Addon / Avare External I/O, you can use the GPS Sim mode, or use a Flight Simulator like MSFSX, XPlane, Flight gear, without having to go in the Simulation mode. Not described here, see additional info on how to use these options in our Apps4Av Forum.

How do I disable / remove a Destination?

Long press on the Destination point on the chart, or in “Plan” tab (text mode) and select Delete from the pop up choices.

Can I use External SD cards to store the Charts in devices that have that option?

Yes there is a procedure that has worked and been tested in Samsungs and LGs, but it may not work on some devices and may be disabled by updates issued by Android, manufacturers or service providers. Search the Forum for more current and specific answers to this question. A procedure that has worked previously in different versions follows:

Use My Files” or “ES File Explorer” to create the Directory / Folder. a-Create a folder in the Root of your External SD Card (external for the devices that allow it like Samsung) named Android/Data/com.ds.avare. End result should look something look this: /storage/external_SD/Android/data/com.ds.avare (Ver 4.4.2) or /storage/extSDCard/Android/data/com.ds.avare (Ver 4.1.0) Note: Samsung names their internal SD card as SDCard0, just to confuse the situation. b-In Avare Menu>Preferences> Chart Storage Folder> Navigate with the Up arrow to that folder you created and Select (OK) it. Verify your work and be prepared to re download Databases and maybe the Charts. I was able to move and use the charts after the location change.

Can I insert new waypoints after I created a Flight Plan?

Yes. You Long press(may take >5 sec. in some cases) on the location you want added to your Flight Plan, Avare will pop up choices “>Destination” or “+Plan”, choose “+Plan” and Avare will ad that new point to the list and draw a new Course line for you. If the added point is Not in the proper sequence (you need), you can go to “Plan” tap and hold hand grab icon and move to the desired location. Note: the procedure works best if you add a point in the leg after the leg you are presently on.

NOTE: Avare has a “rubber band” feature, so that you can long-press on the course line of an Active Plan and drag it wherever you like on the chart. It will be automatically added to the Plan, though sometimes it may be inserted out of sequence so you’d need to use the up or down buttons in the Plan tab to correct it.